Mumbai, post wedding

28 Nov

There’s nothing worse than waking up at the crack of dawn with a stomach ache and the feeling that you might not make it to the bathroom in time. This morning it was my turn to feel the pain. After making friends with Captain Sharma at the wedding, the boys took the driver and went off to the golf course in south Bombay. In order to play, you need to be a member, or know one who will vouch for you.

The girls and I decided to go shopping and called Puneet for some answers. We originally thought of going to the many bazaars, but due to a fire a couple days ago, 350 shops were destroyed so we decided not to chance it. We took a “cool” cab aka air conditioned, to linking road in Bandra and never looked back. This is almost like canal street in new York. Handbags, jewelry and shoes are hot commodities. We walked into a couple of the stalls, but the heckling and commotion was making us clausterphoebic. Our cool cab driver has mentioned Saga department store and thus we set off asking how to get there. Everyone told us “15 minutes” so we hopped in a tuk tuk which took no time at all. Saga was like the Bloomingdales of Mumbai but without the crowds. Our next stop was Yoko for lunch which was highly recommended by Puneet. We flagged down another tuk tuk and went on a wild goose chase. Eventually we called Puneet and had him tell the driver where to take us. Yoko did not disappoint. Not only did we get steak and seafood sizzlers, but the ice tea (sans ice) was exceptionally good. We hopped in one last tuk tuk and headed back to the hotel. Puneet and Shagun met us for dinner at Mahesh lunch home which is one of mumbai’s famed seafood restaurants. Anyone who knows Puneet knows that he’s extremely picky when it comes to where he sits and what he eats in a restaurant. We let him do the ordering and had a fabulous meal of pomfret (specialty fish) jumbo prawns and fish stew. To cap the evening Puneet made the guys try a digestive off the street made with bay leaves and mint and tried to convince me and James we should continue on to Rajasthan with the rest of our group. His offers and reasonings were very tempting, but changing our plans at one in the morning was a little ambitious. 20111129-100216.jpg20111129-100231.jpg







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