Christian wedding day

28 Nov

Luckily we didn’t have to wake up quite as early for the Catholic wedding as the service didn’t start until 11:30am, or in Indian time roughly noon. St. Andrew’s church in Bandra was very charming and un-air conditioned! Christianity is the third largest religion in India, roughly 2.3%. Now you may look at Noel Curtis, the groom and think, “how the hell did he get the name Curtis?” If you remember back in elementary school a famous Portuguese explorer named Vasco de Gama first encountered India in 1498 and therefore many of the Christians in India are of Portuguese decent.

The ceremony was slightly different than US Christian weddings. The vows came before the mass, the priest never asked if anyone objected to the union, nor did he say, “and now with the power invested in me…i now pronounce you husband a wife, you may now kiss the bride”. And I know I haven’t been the best catholic, but since when did they change the responses and the Penitential Act? The priest referred us to the new “Order of mass” which now has “the lord be with you,” response as “and with your spirit”. The service was over in about an hour and we returned to the hotel for a dip in the infamous J.W Marriott pool. The reception started at 7pm at the Army officers institute, where the sangeet (cocktail reception) was held. It lasted for three hours and included plenty of food, drink, and dancing to a great band called Crimson Rage.

We are all sad that the wedding festivities have ended, but now it’s time for some relaxing, site seeing and shopping!













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