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Back by popular demand

26 Aug

Apologies as I have been seriously slacking. I, like many young professionals, get caught up in daily work life and sometimes forget to stop and do more of the things of love…like share my passion for travel. I follow many other blogs that post daily, and I make time to read. But for some reason I have not devoted as much time to my personal life as I should.

On that note…I am currently sitting in one of my favorite places in the airport (the delta lounge), getting ready to go on my favorite airline (delta, duh) and during one my favorite times of the year (vacation!). James is (finally) starting to see the light and joining me on a spontaneous European cruise vacation. I still can’t believe he fully trusted me to book this whole trip so I’m a little nervous that it won’t live up to our girls trip in April.

Tomorrow we leave from Rome and head to the Costa Serena where our journey will begin. Before you say anything I want to preface with “yes I know what I’m getting myself into”. I will not deny that what happened earlier this year on Costa was a tragedy. But I’m not one to let the past deter me from doing what I want to do. Besides… It was cheap as hell! We’re really excited. Considering that we’re seasoned travelers, we’re positive that our Costa Cruise experience will not be as horrible as some people make it out to be on cruise critic. 🙂

All Aboard Costa SerenaSafety DrillFirst Drink Onboard