7 Jul

The Thai airways flight from Bangkok to Phuket was one of the most seamless flights I’ve ever taken. No disrobing was required at security, no one bum-rushed the gate to board the plane, and whether the flight is 40 min or 4 hours, the airline serves a drink and a snack. We gathered our checked luggage in Phuket and made our way to the Marriott booth. We had not prearranged transportation since it’s usually outrageously expensive, but we asked the guy working the desk how much a taxi was and if he could help us arrange one. 20 minutes later we were checked into the JW Marriott Phuket resort and spa and wasted no time settling in at the bar with a couple of Lychee martinis and deciding what activities we should plan. Phuket is a lot larger than we originally thought, so we had to plan our two full days carefully.

The following night we took the hotel shuttle to Patong beach, where the booze is cheap and the sex shows abound. Regardless if you’re a woman or man, every hawker on the street tries to hustle you into a ping pong show. (Ill let you look it up). We did not partake, but we did catch some really good live bands. (There goes the singing again).

Early the next morning we took off on an excursion to Maya Bay, the secluded island where the movie The Beach was filmed. Given the rainy season weather, the sea swells, clouds and rain can be unpredictable. Our guide must have warned us at least 3 times that we might not be able to make some of the scheduled stops due to the choppiness of the water. He said it so many times as though he was trying to talk us out of going. But we kept thinking positive thoughts and our prayers were answered with stops at Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island, Monkey Beach etc. The boat ride was rough and a couple people lost their breakfast, but the sun was out and the water was gorgeous. At times it was as warm as bath water. Apparently, capturing and selling swallows nests is a big business out here. It’s supposedly healthy and gives that nice white glow that symbolizes Asian affluence. Our stop for lunch included a nice noodle soup, some Chang beers and a full buffet. We left in a bit of a hurry because we could see the sky turning dark and what looked like rains heading our way. Just when we thought we were in the clear, we made one last stop on a small island beach 10 min from the marina. The downpour finally caught up with us and we all had to pile into the boat and make a run for it. Despite being soaked, we arrived at our hotel just in time for the firelighting ceremony! To cap off our last evening in Phuket, we journeyed out to the Thai restaurant in the hotel, running through puddles and frogs to enjoy a last Phuket dinner. The following day we were leaving on Bangkok Air for Koh samui!20130708-114937.jpg






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