3 Sep

Last night we bid our friends farewell and discovered almost all of the excursions had been cancelled. We were scheduled to do a short tour and tasting of Genoa, but instead we slept late and walked around the city of Savona. The weather was a bit windy and a lot of shops were closed since it was Sunday. However we hunted down a restaurant that made personal pizzas.

As James pointed out to me, when a restaurant in the states says it opens at 11am, it means they are ready to serve you at 11am. In Europe it means that the worker will just be strolling in and maybe finishing cleaning from the night before. The pizzas were everything we dreamed they’d be especially after a night of adult beverages. We proceeded to walk around the town including climbing an archeological site/castle. There were farmers markets along the streets including bottles and jugs of wine. Too bad the US has such strict laws about that or else I would go to the NY farmers markets more often.

Before dinner we attended Mago (magic) Martin’s show which was not as cheesy as I expected. Once at dinner we met up with the Canadian family and the couple from New York, both of which had done excursions. I almost regretted not going to Monaco and Monte Carlo, and seeing Princess Caroline, like the couple from New York. But it was still a Sunday and the shops were closed everywhere and not just in Savona.
Our last night on the ship was bittersweet. I think we were ready to be back on land but we’re definitely not ready for vacation to be over.

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