Ibiza day 1

1 Sep


This morning was a rough one. Fortunately we didn’t dock in Ibiza until 2pm and our excursion met at 230pm. One if the best parts of being on an Italian ship is the food. Brunch consisted of paella, prawns, grilled calamari and seafood salad. I might have gone a bit overboard with the seafood, but it’s certainly healthier than eating the pizza, pasta and hamburgers that are available 24/7.

The snorkeling excursion started with a bus ride to Tarida Playa, which seemed like a vacation resort. The security guard stopped a couple in our group and was asking them for their wrist bands until the snorkel guide stepped in. We were outfitted for our mask and fins and made our way to the beach. I somehow forgot that there are lots of topless women in Europe, (probably because I haven’t been here in the summer for quite some years).

The boat that brought us to the snorkeling spots was a little rubber power boat. For some reason I kept thinking that it would be brining us to a larger boat, but nope. We out to a couple random inlets and slid off the side off the boat. Although there weren’t many fish, the views and the coral were absolutely breathtaking. As was the looks James’ sunburn chest received from the other passengers. Luckily no new damage was done. 🙂

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