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19 Nov

We’ve arrived! After a quick 13 hour flight, having our visa checked at least 4 times, we landed in Delhi at 8:40pm with Lucy and Vadim. Our first task, after getting our luggage, was to exchange money. 1 rupee = $0.02usd. For once, the exchange rate is on our side.




Our driver met us at customs and from there we had our first brush with death on the roads. An unbelievable amount of stay dogs, cats and cows were roaming the streets at 11pm. And obeying traffic laws? Puhlease!!! The amount of horn honking and complete disregard for traffic lights makes any New York driver look childish in comparison.

We arrived at the hotel in one piece, but not before being searched and going through a metal detector. Better safe than sorry! We received our room key and proceeded to our room. After fruitlessly trying the key, a man, who had clearly been sleeping, opened the door and asked if he could help us! Oops…We received a new room, sans strange men, and are resting up to get ready to take on Sunday in New Delhi!

Namaste, Hello India!

12 Nov

भारत के लिए आपका स्वागत है (Welcome to India)

This site will chronicle our adventures in India as James and I travel with coworkers and friends through Delhi, Agra, and Mumbai (Bombay) in search of culture, spicy foods, wedding celebrations, and new Indian friends!  Our journey begins on Saturday November, 19th in Delhi.